The Show.

The Show.IMG_7856

There are several shows in between the months to help prepare for a simulation of the Finals show that happens in April. The following is one way of several ways it could go.


Shows days are sometimes hectic. Sometimes the schedule is disregarded due to unforeseen circumstances. People forget parts of their uniforms back at the school where they rehearse at. Nervous ticks come out to play during the warmup in the lot. Drum heads pop from either being too old or the heat stretching them apart.


But when all goes well at a show site, there is a crowd flocking towards you just to see the exercises your group plays. People bring several cameras out to record this sequence. Friends and family can be seen in the crowd with a smile from ear to ear watching you and your comrades play. The drums resonate on top of the concrete parking lot floors and all notes are played in sync with each other.


Even in the lot there is a show before the show and it may feel even more personal since people stand just feet away from you while you play.


Here is an excerpt from the 2017 STRYKE Percussion “KING”


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