Thee Open Mic.

The Parametric Audio Club on campus at Florida International University strives for people to be able to voice their opinions and feelings through whatever means they feel most comfortable.


Whether it is reciting a piece of poetry, doing a standup comedy act, mixing a distortion of sounds through guitar amplifiers, or just singing a karaoke song that has never gotten old, the open mic serves the students in a way that allows them to be heard.


The opens mic events are held every Thursday at Vicky Cafe on Florida International University’s Modesto Maidique campus at 7 pm and end, most of the time, around 10 pm. Depending on the number of people who sign up to participate, they are given about 5 minutes to express themselves and sometimes more if needed.


In my opinion, the best part of open mic is the completely unexpected parts of it. Most times the people who sign up to perform don’t plan with much time ahead. It’s by chance that they decide to go up and do something. Being spontaneous leads to creating wonderful memories, even if forgetting the lyrics or rhythm to a song is included in the process.



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