The Eighth Street.


Over the weekends I’m given assignments to shoot at different music events. Specifically, this event is I went to on 8th street was at the Ball & Chain. Located directly across a movie theater and right next to an ice cream parlor, Azucar, this venue attracts a plethora of people at all times of the day.


From free form jazz to fast-paced salsa nights, Ball & Chain offers something for everyone to enjoy. Inside there is a smaller stage set up, right by the bar, and a jazz combo is usually there playing through all times of the day. They play several jazz standards and do so in an impeccable manner. Being able to shoot a jazz combo is soothing, especially sitting right next to a percussionist who knows how to control the rest of the band with the flick of his wrists and feet.


When you make your way to the back of Ball & Chain you will find yourself facing a courtyard with a decent sized stage set up for another live band or dance show to presume. Last time I was here there was a Halloween dance special which was followed by a lively funk band. You must come here.


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